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Coolmuster Android Assistant
Coolmuster Android Assistant  4.1.33  
To manage mobile phone data from your PC size 16,20  M.B

DigiDNA iMazing
DigiDNA iMazing  2.4.6  
Phone management of all kinds, especially iPhone devices can through the program back up data and settings and phone files can also transfer files from the smartphone. size 87,52  M.B

A tool to install anodized rheumatoid on devices size 145,41  M.B

HTC Sync
HTC Sync  3.3.63  
Software Control of HTC Mobiles by Computer size 157,79  M.B

iExplorer  4.1.18  
The best program to connect iPhones and iPads on your computer where you can easily transfer data and music files to and from the iPhone and iPad devices easily and without complexity size 27,29  M.B

Application is managed by the iPhone and iPad size 12,65  M.B

iTunes  12.7.3  32 bit
IPhone sync software and 32 bit audio and video files size 194,61  M.B

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