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Google Drive
Google Drive  3.39.8370.7843  
A program to store and share files associated with Google Drive size 48,46  M.B

Hypre V
Hypre V  for Win 7  
A Microsoft product that provides users with reduced costs and effort as well as ease of business. When you install Hyper-v on your computer, it is now like you have two computers in your computer. size 2,85  M.B

Internet Download Manager
Internet Download Manager  build 7 6.30  
Internet Download Manager to speed up download from Internet size 6,91  M.B

KeepVid  Pro  
Download the program from the Internet and browse YouTube channels and download YouTube channel and a full playlist and supports 10000 sites size 38,63  M.B

NetSupport Manager Control & Client
NetSupport Manager Control & Client   12.50.0004  
Remote administration and management software to manage and control all devices in LAN size 77,79  M.B

One Drive
One Drive  17.3.7294.0108 Build  
Upload and Synchronize Files to Microsoft Storage Cloud size 21,76  M.B

Oracle VirtualBox
Oracle VirtualBox  5.2.8 121009  
A virtual machine to test all systems size 105,24   M.B

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